Welcome to the official web site of the Colt Collector's Association. The Association was founded in 1980 by a group of avid collectors of Colt firearms and Colt memorabilia. The Association was established for the purpose of promoting the collecting of all types of Colt firearms and memorabilia and to provide a means of exchanging knowledge among Colt collectors and to offer an annual show and meeting for members and guests with an emphasis on a convenient and quality location.

The organization is now over 2,200 strong with members in all 50 states and many foreign countries. There is an annual three day show each year with the location moving from year to year to allow the different members to attend. In years past the show has been in cities like Atlanta; Houston; St. Louis; Hartford; Orange County, CA; Dallas, TX, Portland, OR, Reston, VA, Saint Paul, MN, Austin, TX, Tampa, FL, Kansas City, MO and Louisville, KY to name just a few. In 2007, the 28th Annual Show will be in Reno, Nevada.  The event is as much a social weekend as it is a gun show. The show itself is some 240 tables in size, usually divided up into 75% trade tables and 25% display tables.

All throughout the year, the membership keeps in touch through The Rampant Colt, the official magazine of the Colt Collectors Association. This is a wonderful magazine full of articles, pictures and advertisements that keep the membership together as a family.




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For a detailed description of the CCA 2007 Ladies Gun
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Colt Display at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center

The Colt Collectors Association furnished Colt firearms for a display at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming.  This display ran from early May through September 2003.  The display consisted of 400 - 500 arms spanning the periods from 1836 through the year of 2002.  A full color catalog, poster, calendar, and medallion were also a part of this project.

This was a unique opportunity for the CCA to show the thousands of visitors to the Museum some of the finest firearms in the world.  A display of this magnitude took a tremendous effort and was a once in a lifetime event.


We invite you to come and join us today. If you live in the United States, a one year membership is $40.00 and a life membership is $700.00. If you live in Canada, a one year membership is $50.00 and a life membership is $900.  Outside the U.S. & Canada, an International one year membership is $100.00 and a life membership is $1500. When you join as a member, you automatically get a subscription to The Rampant Colt magazine. You will also receive all the information on the annual show and an entire itinerary of the three days of festivities.

The Colt Collectors Association regrets that we cannot give you specifics as to the history or value of your particular firearm. Our organization is completely volunteer in nature and such an undertaking would be overwhelming to our current volunteers. As a member of the Association, you will receive a complete roster of members and be exposed to experts in their respective areas. Our quarterly magazine includes informative articles in all areas of Colt collecting. As a member, this will give you the opportunity to be exposed to other members and thus obtain a great deal of information about Colt firearms. In addition, you will also have access to a volunteer Historian who can help you with specific questions about your Colt firearm.

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The new 2006 Membership Roster has been printed and shipped.  Please let us know of any changes to your information.


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